Jana Cosgrove

We are leaving beautiful CASA SALINAS 1 in just a couple of hours. We have an absolutely incredible stay. The house is beautiful and was the perfect choice for our family. CASA SALINAS 2 is lovely but better suited for couples . CASA SALINAS 1 was perfect for all generations of the Cosgrove family. The icing on our trip was the incredible staff who made us feel completely at home. Juan couldn’t have been more hospitable and helpful in arranging fishing and massages. Marta’s meals were incredible…every night was a treat of Mexican cuisine. Starting the mornings with fresh fruit, juices, eggs, bacon etc was a rare treat for people on the go. The guacamole and pico de gallo were phenomenal. I would be remiss in not mentioning how charmed we were by Rigo…such a friendly face and terrific margaritas. He always had a smile on his face and did everything possible to make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Abby kept our rooms and the common areas spotless. CASA SALINAS 1 is a magical get away. I should mention that we had an incredible show of the whales”I will highly recommend this to my friends and would be happy to be a reference for anyone looking to stay at these lovely homes

Stu During

The whole experience actually exceeded my expectations. We all had a fabulous time and the staff was really terrific. Everything came off as planned. We got my brother as far as the airport before he was told we were off to PV. Once we looked at the villa and facilities, he mentioned that it was all-great, but it would be nicer if his two sons (one of whom is married with a 15-month old grandson) could be there (“maybe next year” we said). Almost on cue, the oldest son arrived and by then my brother was completely overwhelmed. No sooner had we settled in to villa life, Dick (the owner) popped up and introduced himself. He is such an engaging guy that we chatted everyday. He took us on a tour of Salinas I, explaining all the art, the furniture construction, the remodels (the nifty deals he made), etc. We invited Dick and Sally to the birthday bash, which Juan arranged on the beach, next to the barbeque. Just at sunset, ten mariachis came down the stairs playing some fanfare and for the next hour cranked out the old favorites (D&S knew them all) as we danced our champagne-fueled bodies to exhaustion. Dick mentioned that you put in a good word for us, so I thank you for your attention (he said that you are indispensable). The villa was everything I expected and more. There was lot of extra features that I didn’t anticipate such as the orientation of the villa in December (northwest to southeast) avoid direct blasts from the sun. It was always warm and if we wanted to fry directly in the sun, we just went down to the beach. There were faucets at the stairway to wash away the sand, and a convenient bathroom half-way up the stairs. Plenty of floatation gear for the 15-month toddler to splash around the wading section of the swimming pool, etc. Dick explained how the architect spent a week or more just looking at the site to position the villa rooms in the most optimum manner for views, access, and luxury. The use of tile and marble was well done, and the lighting throughout the villa was perfectly located and controlled: small touches that add up to a magnificent setting. The slapping of the waves is always a delightful way to be lulled to sleep and awaken in the morning (my niece actually forgot about the setting and confessed that she brought the wave-sound machine along to provide soporific background for her son). Juan (the manager) turned out to be a Mexican-Renaissance man. He even took four of us scuba diving at the islands 20 miles to the west and was our dive-master!

Thanks again, Tommy and Michele Mitchell

We would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for the most fabulous trip at both Villas. Our experience was nothing but the best. The staff was beyond helpful and so willing to please. Juan is just the greatest manager as he makes everyone feel so welcome. The Villas are beautiful and so well maintained which is probably due to the great staff.

Jenny & DaveKent, UK

This must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Sherry Fils

Hola to Casa Salinas: I have been a guest at your Casa Salinas for many years. During my various visits, it feels like my own residence. Teaming up with friends turns it into a week of laughter, love and many good memories. Because of its privacy, it feels as though we are in our own little world. We are treated to gourmet meals at breakfast and dinner, and ever-changing afternoon treats with our drinks. Nowhere else have I had such wonderful bloody Mary’s, Pina Colada’s and Margaritas. We spend the time in or around the pool, chatting with our friends or enjoying quiet time alone, shopping for gifts in town, or cruising the coastline in Juan’s boat. The staff has become an extension of our family. They are the best! The comfort of the accommodations, great weather, and attention when we want it, all combine to provide an unbeatable vacation.

Jeanne Houston

My family spent July 2-9 at CASA SALINAS I. I must admit that our expectations were very high and nonetheless, were exceeded! The villa is lovely, the location beautiful and the staff is phenomenal. Our family has gone on 4 previous trips and not until this one did anyone suggest returning to that location. All eight said that Casa Salinas rated at second visit. All eight also agreed that it was Juan and his staff that really made the trip such a success. Please extend our thanks to Juan. We would not hesitate to recommend Casa Salinas to anyone!

Feliz Año Shannon Beston Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico

I just wanted to tell you about my clients’ arrival on Saturday. Their arrival was a bit late, with the flight arriving at 8:30pm and they were concerned they would arrive to a dark lonely house. I spoke to the staff, who assured me that they would be there to take good care of them. I had promised the clients I would also be there. In this business I have rarely been more impressed. The staff was wonderful, the house was fabulous, flowers, beds turned down, the clients’ were completely enchanted from the moment they arrived. Even at this late hour the staff was very cheerful, and the clients loved them as much as the villa. Thanks for having such a great property. Feliz Año Shannon Beston Puerto Vallarta,

Kathleen Cummings

In every aspect our vacation experience at Casa Salinas exceeded our expectations. The villa was beautiful, with amazing views. As a collector, I particularly appreciated the art collection. The staff was outstanding, attentive without being intrusive. Our meals were five-star quality. And the few times we ate out, everyone agreed, “It isn’t as good as the food at the villa!” The service was exceptional, from housekeeping to laundry; all of our needs were met. We loved the experience so much we are booking another trip. It is rare to find a vacation spot that can accommodate all ages with a seeming effortless ease. It was in every way a little piece of paradise! Looking forward to another trip!

Sincerely,Jeanette Clark

When we arrived at CASA SALINAS 1, Juan and his crew were there to meet us. It was about 2pm, and Juan showed us around. We unpacked and joined him in the bar area under the beautiful palapa to a welcome margarita, empanadas and taquitos – homemade guacamole and pico de gallo. The rest of my family arrived around 5pm and the party continued.Dinner each day was beyond delicious, so was breakfast. The nicest surprise was that our cooks Elba and Marta, prepared a light lunch for us every day at 2pm. They made quesadillas, etc, served with homemade guacamole, pico or salsa and chips. We did not want for anything. Juan’s team took us snorkeling on his boat Wednesday – we also went to a beach – that was very fun and very reasonably priced. We also went to the fiesta at a ranch; the dancing was beautiful. The villa owner was staying at Salinas 2 with his wife for the week. He came over to visit with us one day and invited us to come look at Salinas 2. We took a tour of that amazing property. It was a perfect family vacation; some of us will be planning to return, potentially with a larger group, and renting both villas.

Thank you again. Beverly Clark

don’t know if I have the words to describe the wonderful time my family & extended family had in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Salinas. From the moment we arrived we were treated like royalty by the staff there. The accommodations were just great and suited our needs perfectly. The meals were outstanding. All the adults were able to relax and pretend the “work force” in the States was just a minor annoyance. Our two little boys had a wonderful time in the pool and on the beach. It was just great that our chef prepared food that both boys were able to enjoy. Thank you also for seeing that the cake was ordered for Monday night. I checked with Juan as soon as we arrived and he assured me that it was taken care of….. and it was perfect. We were able to surprise Jeanette with a delicious cake.Please convey my thanks to all who made this “once in a life time dream vacation” come true. I have told many of my friends here at home how everything, from first contact with your service, the time spent in Puerto Vallarta, the boat outing and the Mexican fiesta was more than we expected.

Jennifer Chapman

I think “enjoyed” is an understatement! We were elated, ecstatic, and in heaven! We had the best week of our lives and the staff was top notch. The homes ARE beautiful, as is the location – but the staff enabled us all too truly relax. This is what we all needed! Thank you so much for your help arranging things. Everyone can’t wait to come back, and we hope to in a year or two.

Jenna Morgan

Casa Salinas were both lovely: well decorated, interesting and innovative designs, and well kept. We appreciated the peace and privacy afforded by each room, as we traveled with all ages. From crying babies to partying grandmas, thanks to the homes’ design we found neither to be a disturbance to the others. Talk about clean! The pools were sparkling, the beach immaculate, the kitchens – spotless. The staff were the perfect balance of discreetly available. If we needed drinks or snacks, they seemed to appear immediately, yet, we were free to be ourselves and use the facilities without feeling supervised. Each of them: Juan, Rigo, Miguel, Ora and the kitchen staff were stellar. It was restaurant week in PV and we had looked forward to eating at a variety of restaurants, but the fare was so good at Casa Salinas, we couldn’t miss a meal at home. We ended up pretty much ditching all plans for dinner out. At the end of the week, our bill for groceries was very, very reasonable. We were quite pleased.Lastly, for anyone planning a wedding in Puerto Vallarta, here’s your chance for a platinum wedding. There are so many areas to entertain at these villas, that our wedding planner was able to pull off three completely separate and unique events: an intimate wedding ceremony at CASA SALINAS I, a casual cocktail party on the beach and a dazzling reception at CASA SALINAS II. Our breath was taken away from the moment the richly carved doors of Casa Salinas I opened on to the ceremony until the last maraca-shaking guest left the dance floor at CASA SALINAS II

Carlos and Connie Lazo Los Angeles, California

We visited Casa Salinas with our 2 and 3 year olds. Everything was perfect. The kids loved the pool and the environment of the villa was very safe. The kids wandered around the villa with no hesitations. We always felt comfortable and very safe. Juan, the houseman, was very accommodating and eager to please. Juan arranged for us to go fishing on two occasions. He packed snacks for us to take along. He also included some bread to feed the fishes. My kids fed the fish from the boat and saw many colorful fishes, it was an amazing experience for them. Rigo and Martha prepared excellent meals daily, it was a daily treat. The villa itself is an amazing property with lush flowers and plants with a spectacular view of the ocean. The room with the hut was my favorite. It was well lit and loved the ocean view. The rooms are kept clean daily by Abby. We had a wonderful vacation. It was truly paradise.

Lawrence G

My New Favorite Place in the World
I can’t say enough about CASA SALINAS II. The staff, the location, the comfort, there is too much to say. Everything is taken care of from arrival to departure. The food is better than anything you can find elsewhere (prepared by a private chef), the view is one of those picturesque things that makes you smile when you wake up. The sound of the 80 degree ocean rolling on your private beach. A beautifully kept heated pool…ahhh… I want to go back now. Thanks to the Casa Salinas staff for a perfect week, and for such a reasonable price compared to the other larger villas that we shopped for.
Hope to visit you again soon


Excellence Re-definedI stayed at CASA SALINAS 1 in Puerto Vallarta for eight days in December. I can’t possibly say enough about the property and the service provided by the on-site staff. Upon arrival we were greeted by a friendly group of houesmen & women. During our stay, they took care of everything from luggage, meals, daily laundry, cleaning rooms, bartending, providing local knowledge about places to see and visit and more. Juan, the head houseman, guided us on a sport fishing tour and a tour of the local islands and beaches. We saw Los arcos, Marietta Islands, Las animas beach and a few more small local beaches. Juan’s extensive native knowledge played a large part in the success of our trip. On our sport fishing trip we caught Grouper, Bonita Fish, Rooster Fish and a few others I can’t remember the name of. We saw approximately 20+ whales from the boat with the closest being less than 100 yards from the boat. Countless dolphins and manta rays were also seen on the trip.The house has a private beach that was different from most in Puerto Vallarta in that it was actually covered with sand. A lot of the beaches there were rock covered so you can’t actually lay out or play in the surf. The beach here is secluded and has a large area where you can swim, snorkel if you’d like and caves near the end of the rocks. My toss up between the best two things about the trip is between the food and the view. First, the view is an absolutely stunning sight out over the Banderas Bay. From the bedrooms you can see everything from Dolphins to rolling surf and perched pelicans sunning on the rocks. Second, the food was amazing. Marta, Juan’s wife provided the majority of the meals with everything requested from duck tacos, to grilled lobster, tortilla soup, chili rellenos and the Grouper (they call them Pargo) that we caught earlier in the day. You can’t get a better meal than the one you just caught a few hours before, cooked with an authentic Mexican seasoning, served hot. They also turned the Bonita fish into a Ceviche which we ate a day later. So awesome if you’re a real foodie.I also had my fair share of mixed drinks at the bar, always available upon request and had my first taste of raicilla, a local tequila made in the mountains of Vallarta.The staff’s ability to communicate in English also helped a lot. My spanish is adequate at best and they’re more than happy to help with that as well.All in all it was the best vacation I’ve ever taken. I would recommend this spot to anyone who is looking to get away and enjoy a seriously relaxing time for as long as possible. This was my first trip here and it will not be my last.

N.Naugle – California

Juan was great, very helpful when we needed him without being overbearing. He was informative and responsive to our needs and did a great job coordinating our stay. Yede(?) was absolutely fantastic, she helped in coordinating taxis, the boat ride, etc when we needed help. She was really friendly and spoke very good English, which was helpful. Everyone just adored her. The décor was beautiful, bedding cool and comfortable, everything was very clean especially the kitchen. It was such a treat having our own beach – the perfect place to hop in and enjoy the sea. I cannot say enough about the food prepared for us during our stay. Everything was so tasty and fresh; from the chicken on the first night to the surf-and-turf we enjoyed on our last night. Some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had! Such a lot of effort was put into preparing and presenting every meal, and they were great at accommodating food allergies as well. With food like this there is no reason to leave the villa at all!

S.Kirby – New York.

A quick note of gratitude for an amazing stay at Casa Salinas. Beginning with the amazing directions, follow-up and immediate responses to questions, our stay was extraordinary. The setting, home and attention to detail and comfort were extraordinary. Juan is a great manager and arranged a Fiesta at my request including a Mariachi trio, fireworks and a special dinner of Roast Pork –incredible. Juan was spot-on and most helpful throughout our stay. I must also draw particular attention to the excellence of Miguel, Chef Cheba(sp) and Letty. They went out of their way day and night to make our stay the finest experience. They are Truly a remarkable team and I cannot say enough about committed, caring and how good they are at their jobs. Our sincere thanks to the owners and the incredible team at Casa

Sherry B – Utah.

Thank you, we had a lovely time and the home worked very well for our family. We loved the private beach, the kids were on it all day. Juan and staff were wonderful and very accommodating for my son. We will definitely keep this Villa in mind for future vacations to Puerto Vallarta. Also, thank you so much for your help with my son’s needs, you were the reason I choose this home to stay in.

Best, Leslie (San Francisco)

It was absolutely fabulous! Above & beyond expectations in every way. Juan is just fantastic! I know my friend,
will be in touch about renting the house sometime this Winter. And we will definitely be back!!!
Thank you Tina.

David M – Los Angeles

Thank you so much for the amazing trip. Casa Salinas is an exquisite home with excellent service and amazing views. We were stunned by the location and impressed by the service. The setup of Casa Salinas1 is perfect and allowed our group to bond and spend so much quality time together. It was truly a relaxing vacation beyond what pictures and words can describe. Thank you so much! David.

Best, Lisa M – Los Angeles

I wanted to extend a very sincere THANK YOU to you and to the entire team at Casa Salinas Uno J We were blown away by everything from the arrival experience, to the property grounds and bedrooms, and of course by the amazing service provided by Juan, Miguel and team. They were incredibly helpful in every way, from the restaurant recommendations, providing ideas of things to do in town, organizing our fishing trip and even bringing in masseuses for spa treatments poolside. Not to mention, the food preparation was AMAZING! We were very spoiled and coming back to reality was difficult to say the least! I don’t think we could have asked for a better vacation and we are so appreciative and grateful. We will definitely refer to friends and family when asked for a recommendation of where to stay in Puerto Vallarta.

Erin L.

This Villa is ONE of a kind. I have been going to Puerto Vallarta many years, and decided my wedding should be at a Villa and not a resort. Tina in the villa office is so quick with emails and responds to any question immediately. The manager of the villa Juan, is a superhero! I had a wedding party that slept 28 people. This Villa is perfect for a small intimate wedding or maybe even larger, who knows, Juan can make anything happen. Seriously! Let me tell you what Juan did for me. He organized a fishing trip for the guys for a super reasonable price to go fishing. Also, a catamaran snorkeling trip that fit 26 people (could have been more), that included a private lunch on the beach at Las Animas with full staff. The captain of the Catamaran swam 20ft down to find octopus and starfish and let us feel and see the ocean! He even stayed with someone in the wedding party that could not swim, the whole time!! Juan and staff made the most delicious food I have ever had, I miss it already! I wanted fireworks at my wedding and Juan arranged a team to be there and shoot them right on the beach we were at! It was AMAZING!!! I highly suggest doing that! The cab arrangements were quick, the cleaning crew was the BEST! I never even felt like I needed to use my safe, which I did not. The margaritas were amazing, love the crew, because they were not a resort with a bunch of sugar! All in all, this Villa is by far the best of the best! Do not hesitate about booking here.

Sarah & Stephen T – California

Our vacation was amazing, we all had a fabulous time. The Casa Salinas 2 property is so beautiful, with a view that is just unbelievable. We all were very comfortable and well taken care of. I can not say enough about Miguel, Abi and Letti. Abi is such and great cook and Miguel works very hard to take care of all our needs. Letti does her job invisibly, which is just fabulous. Everyone was very comfortable in their rooms and we all so enjoyed the pool and the beach. Wow what a great beach! We snorkeled everyday and followed that up with a fabulous pina colada or margarita! It was the vacation of a life time and I so hope we can return. I miss Abi’s food already and am hoping the view stays in my mind’s eye for much time to come. I will be recommending Casa Salinas to friends.
Thank You,